550 Shoes for the New Year's Eve party - Starring Miss Ninfa

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Added on December 24, 2020

Ninfa and Vicky are in a shoes shopping: Ninfa has to buy new heels for the New Year's party and a pair of glittery shoes immediately catches her eye! They really are gorgeous, the perfect shoes to shine like a star!

The shopping is now over, Ninfa and Vicky are ready to go to a sushi bar for lunch. Ninfa immediately wants to put on her new shoes, the perfect weapon to fight against her stubborn Lancia Y and have it started!

Ninfa insists with several attempts until finally the engine starts. Our Misses go to the sushibar, and when they come back after their lavish lunch, they are ready to go home , and Ninfa’s gorgeous new shoes have to work hard again on pedals to start the car!