526 : This car is a bargain! - Starring Miss Iris & Miss Melanie

Price € 18,00 Playtime: 21:18 Min
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Added on July 11, 2020

Miss Melanie is very happy, she just bought a vintage car and she's sure she got a great deal! Finally the big day has arrived and Melanie is ready to pick up the car with Iris, a dear friend of hers, who knows enough about cars and engines.

Melanie must unfortunately see that her little gem has a lot of problems, first of all ... the starter! Iris starts teasing her and finding a thousand faults, about this old junk, and Melanie gets embarrassed and angry at the same time!

Finally the car starts up and the two Misses test the engine with a bit of hard revving ... well, after all this junk is not so bad!

Certainly not worthing all the money spent by Melanie but at least ... the engine is alive!