437 : The engine makes BOOM ! Starring Miss Amy

Price € 16,00 Playtime: 16:35 Min
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Added on December 31, 2018

Miss Amy is ready to say goodbye to the damned Fiat Uno!
She gets in the car, she changes her shoes, turns the key and starts revving the car hard ... very very hard !!

She keeps the engine high on revs to be sure that it will be very hot soon! She keeps it revving it really hard, so hard that the water started to heat up and boil… But she looks at it and continue revving the engine!
The water gets so hot that a strange smoke starts getting out from the car… from the behind also !! What's happening? Something is overheating!
And this is exaclty what she wants! She wants to destroy the car! So she keeps her foot on the gas pedal while the car starts screaming and pleading her to stop…  BYE BYE FIAT UNO !!