354 : Fiat Uno start and revving test - Starring Miss Iris

Price € 10,00 Playtime: 9:59 Min
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Added on January 10, 2018

The search for a new Pedal Vamp car is still open ... and Miss Iris today has to test a white Fiat Uno !!

The seller told Miss Iris that this car is properly working ... so it should be easy to start it up, right?  She gets in the car, turns the key and as usual the engine doesn't give any sign of life.

So she tries again and again, pumping the pedal in some different ways, maybe she can find the exact ryhtm that the car likes, but nothing!  

What is the problem now? She can only try again and again, and hopefully the car will start!

After a lot of pumping, hard and soft, she finally manages to start the Fiat Uno and now it's time for a very good and hard revving to check the engine and see how powerful it is !! The more it screams, the more she wants it to go louder and louder!

The car makes a lot of smoke ... and the Pedal Vamp Misses do love smokey car!

Maybe this Fiat Uno will have the chance to serve our beautiful ladies?