Golden Light Chakra Activation Meditation

In this 20-minute Golden Light Chakra Activation Meditation, along with spirit, I guide you in connecting to the golden light energy. By allowing this light energy to move through your 7 chakras (from the root chakra to the crown chakra), you activate your chakras to align with your higher purpose in life, to clear out fear and imbalances, and reharmonize with the energy which is a part of your divine blueprint. 

In this meditation you will: 

  • feel a sense of calm and inner peace
  • release stress, anxiety, worry, and doubts
  • get to know the "soul" you
  • align your chakra energy for abundance
  • feel the presence of spirit gifting you with healing energy
  • trust in your inner knowing
  • learn how to reset your chakras in meditation and breathing

I wish you much love and light on your healing journey! If you have any questions about this meditation, email Pam at [email protected].