Angeles City - Clip 2

*** Special Promo *** Buy this clip and "Angeles City - Clip 1" and "Breakfast Ride" and receive an additional video for free! Important: use the same email!!! Email me from the email you used to buy the 3 videos and tell me which clip you want, any clip in my collection, you pick, and I'll send it to you directly for free. Email me you free clip request here: [email protected] ************************** Weekend ride in Angeles City, cigar smoke break - Part 2. I just hate it when bars allow smoking but don't allow cigars. As a dedicated cigar smoker, I will make a point to smoke my cigar just right outside the bar if I have to, but I will smoke it no matter what. This time we were in such a bar and I lit up a very strong cigar during the afternoon. My goal as a cigar smoker is to be able to smoke an inhale any cigar, even the strongest ones, so every once in a while, I practice with a very strong cigar, and do my best to inhale and get my lungs used to something very full bodied.
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