BAND 6 MODERN HISTORY - Anglo Irish relations essays

Whoever created the Modern History exam was most likely insane. If you are doing Anglo Irish relations, you are expected to know detailed information about 30 years of history so you can answer whatever essay questions come up on the day of your HSC exam - which are usually very specific and could focus on only one dot point of the syllabus.

Therefore the best way to study for the exam is to do lots and lots of practice essays on different parts of the syllabus (I did 5 practice essays) and then compile all of this into essay notes that cover the whole course (which is what i have provided here). This of course took around a century for me to do. If you want some help or to simply save yourself ALOT of time it is only a matter of $10.

As mentioned in the title, I got a band 6 mark of 93% for my Modern History HSC.

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