Managing Your Energy.ZIP

Managing Your Energy

In this class we will be covering how to lift your vibration and keep it strong. We will cover the first steps of ascension, laying the foundation. Included in the class is a 
download to a very powerful guided meditation, a manual and a group healing. Don’t forget to bring a pen and notebook! 

What you will learn:
•The basics of energy anatomy
•Grounding: what it's all about, what is means to be grounded & why grounding is so 
•Divine connection-what it means, why it's so important and how to connect
•Energetic awareness
•Energetic protection & techniques
•Energetic cleansing techniques
•Learn boundaries on all levels, energetic, mental, emotional and physical. 
•Techniques in lifting your vibration

What you will experience:
•An understanding of energy, 
what it is and how it feels
•Being grounded, connected and protected-and learn what it's like without protection
•Energetic healing and a shift in your awareness as well as a lift in your vibration
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