Kat's Shampoo and 1940s Hair Tint Rinse - VOD Digital Video on Demand

In this story, a woman dressed in a 1950's summer dress comes into the salon for a platinum blonde tint rinse. The stylist, played by Clark Hartsell, leads her to the shampoo bowl for a long shampooing. With a quick toweling, Clark has her sit while he picks out the correct tint rinse. He opens up the Nu-Gloss platinum blonde bottle -- it's empty. He opens a honey blonde and then a golden blonde to discover that they are all empty. His hand races across the shelf, stopping at black. She did say that she wanted to surprise everyone.... This bottle of black hair tint rinse is full. Spooning a spoonful into a pitcher, he then goes to fill it with one and a half pints of warm water. After he stirs it, he has her recline backwards in the barber chair and pours the tint rinse into her hair, seemingly darkening it. After pouring it into her hair twice and rubbing it in, it's time for a rinse. Luckily for her...or the stylist, the black tint had a slight effect (this product was made back in 1940), and she likes it. Using an old metal hand dryer, Clark dries her hair. Duration: 47 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480, format: .wmv
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