Linde Electric Pallet Truck Type 1152: T16, T18, T20 Operating Instructions (User Manual)

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Electric Pallet Truck Type 1152.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

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Format: PDF, 121 Pages
Language: English


1. Introduction
    Your Linde truck
    Impermissible use 
    Description of use and climatic conditions
    Symbols used 
    Legal requirements for placing on the market 
    Electric pallet trucks 1152
2. Safety
    Residual risks 
    Safety regulations 
    Handling consumables
    Periodic general checks on trucks 
3. General views
    General view T16 - T18 - T20 type 1152 
    Controls for 1152 
    Battery charge indicator 
    Digicode option (LFM Go)
    LFM Access-LFM Basic option 
4. Use
    Checks before first use
    Daily checks before use 
    Using the charger
    Adjusting the on-board charger
    Operating instructions for 1152 
    Driving the 1152
    Creep Speed function 
    Proportional Speed function 
    Cold Store Use (optional) 
    Use of the truck on a slope 
    Braking, lifting, lowering, horn 
    Working with loads
    Hoisting, towing
5. Maintenance
    General information
    Calendar of testing and maintenance operations
    Technical inspection and maintenance characteristics 
    Recommended lubricants 
    Daily checks before starting work 
    Checking the direction of travel controls 
    Checking the lifting/lowering controls 
    Testing the safety devices 
    Checking the battery charging status 
    Charging the battery using the on-board charger . 
    Battery charging using an external charger 
    Maintenance plan as required
    Cleaning the truck 
    Cleaning the battery and its compartment 
    Access to the technical compartment 
    Accessing the reducer and the brake 
    Checking the fuses 
    Opening the battery cover 
    Disconnecting / connecting the battery connector 
    Battery for vertical removal: removing/replacing 
    Side access battery: changing the battery using a trolley 
    Side access battery: changing the battery using a moveable support . 
    Inspection and maintenance overview 
    1000 hour service plan 
    2000 hour service plan 
    5000 hour serviceplan 
    Servicing the reducer 
    Steering / braking / wheels 
    Check the brake airgap 
    Adjusting the height of the stabilisers 
    Electrical equipment 
    Checking the condition of cables, terminals and battery connector 
    Battery maintenance 
    Checking the on-board charger
    Hydraulic circuits 
    Checking the oil level 
    Hydrauliccircuit, draining the circuit 
    Lifting system 
    Checking the wear on collar sandhingepins 
    Greasing the rings and articulations (greasedoption) 
6 Datasheet
    Datasheet T16 / T18 / T20 
    Noise emission values 

7 Diagrams
    Circuit diagram for T16 - T18 - T20 
    Options circuit diagrams 
    Electric Circuit Diagram LFM Access-LFM Basic 
    Hydraulic diagram
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