Skippy Greene: Alive & Licking! (2011)

Alive & Licking! stars comedian Skippy Greene (alter-ego of Flip Schultz) as he performs for a stellar crowd and pulls no punches with his comedy that has been described as "wildly profane and really smart" (Mike Henry; director-National Poetry Slam).

WARNING!!  If you're easily offended by profanity, dirty childrens' stories or Christmas sex songs...DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS.  

Also includes bonus material such the music video for Skippy's song, Man About Town and Skippy reading from his childrens' book, "Greene Eggs & Handjobs".

"(Skippy) manages to use foul language and not upset or annoy the audience in the process because they are too busy laughing." - Al Parinello, Executive Director for "The Andy Kaufman Award

**NSFW** -
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