SOC203 Wk 2 Dis 1

First, look at the way they bring in athletes, especially in the popular sports like football and basketball.  Admissions always seem to be just a little more relaxed and graduation rates seem to suffer.  You can even see the gap between black and white athletes.  In an article written for the LA Sentinel(2013), it was pointed out that 65% of African American basketball student-athletes received a degree, with is 25% lower than white athletes.  It was also mentioned that of the 68 teams participating in the NCAA Tournament, 21 of them had black graduation rates below 50%.  If these athletes do not have to tools to graduate, it is troubling to know why they are admitted.  I think this is because when these schools send a team to the tournament or their team makes it to a bowl game, they earn money.  When their team is good, fans will purchase more shirts, stickers, memorabilia, etc, and they earn money.   In order to send them to these tournaments/bowls and be competitive, so they bring in the athlete first and worry about the student later. 
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