5c Vihuela Music in French Tab by Fuenllana

5-Course Vihuela Music by Fuenllana
In French TAB by Rob MacKillop

Miguel de Fuenllana (c.1500-1579) wrote and arranged some of the most sublime vihuela music of the Spanish Renaissance.

These nine pieces were written for the little-known 5c vihuela, tuned in intervals like a modern guitar without the sixth string. So, they can be played on a modern guitar, a baroque guitar, or, indeed, a five-course vihuela - as well as a six-course vihuela without the first string.


1. Et resurrexit tertia - de la missa de ave Maria de Morales a tres
2. Osanna in excelsis - de la missa de Ave Maria de Morales a quatro
3. Villancico de Juan Vazques
4. Fantasia I
5. Fantasia II
6. Fantasia III
7. Fantasia IV
8. Fantasia V
9. Fantasia VI
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