VSKYLABS Autogyro Project V003.3 (22.2.2017)

The VSKYLABS Autogyro Project add-on for X-Plane 11 / 10.51.

The First Autogyro to introduce in the project is a lightweight Autogyro, which is in general based on the Bensen B-8 Autogyro (as well as Nasa's X-25A Autogyro). Tail section design was modified, making the Autogyro longer, and with a Tail-wheel underneath the extended boom. 

This is a Major-Update release of the VSKYLABS Autogyro 'Cricket'. Current version is 003.3 (including an additional X-Plane 11 model).

Please read thorough information and operating instructions for using this add-on and flying it in X-Plane flight simulator at: http://www.vskylabs.com/2016/04/vskylabs-autogyro-project.html

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