Africa assignment 4 JosephBrown

After a long and tireless struggle to gain it independent from the western world, the Republic of Liberia finally gained its independent on July 26th of 1847.  Which in terms after she had gained her sovereignty, hoping that the United State of American recognizes the newly country and allows free salves to return to Africa to help build Liberia; things didn’t go the way in which they had planned it; British had recognized the newly country, but the United of America didn’t, however, not until when the United States engaged in its civil war in 1861.  There are many questions that have yet to be answers, to include why the United States waited until its civil war before recognizing the newly independent country.  Some argued that it’s was because of the numerous rubber plantations that Liberia had which the United States needed to fight it battle, and others thinks that it had something to do with personal gain or national interest, but the truth still lies beneath the ocean.  It’s not only Liberia, but the entire Africa.
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