[ON HOLD] Exclusive Prerecorded Clips

When you buy this you'll get a text file with different ways to contact me.

This is for people who want their own exclusive prerecorded clips, whether its for edits or contests.
As you contact me we will talk about what game you want me to record (games down below), what FPS you want the clips to be and how many clips you want (4-6 clips for the Standard price including 3-4 cinematics per clip).
These recordings will be yours, and yours only. So you may use them however you want.

Games I can record;
- COD4 (All DLC)
- MW2 (All DLC)
- MW3
- BO1 (All DLC)
- BO2 (All DLC)
- BO3 (All DLC
- CSS (soon)
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