If you own a MK5 Golf then this download Guide has been put together for you, Guides for doing mods and tips to keep your Golf running. A nice collection of guides by enthusiasts from changing the spark plugs to putting Porsche brakes on your MK5, most have photos. Plus VW software that has install / setup instruction plus extra things you can do ;-)
If your a MK5 owner then we hope you wont be disapointed with the all new MK5 Golf Guide.
Also included is a service & parts manual for BPY engine models, Covers: Maintenance, Suspension, Body etc..

The Guides / Manuals & Tips are all pdf format and all are listed below:

Corrosion To Golk Mk5 Front Wing

Accessories brochure

Change spark plugs GTI

Common issues and remedies for the 2.0T

Convert Mk5 Golf Front End to GTI, GT or Jetta

52 mm Boost Gauge & pod fitting

Diverter Valve and PCV Diagnosis and Repair

Diverter valve Edition 30

Front pad change MK5

Golf MK5 Bonnet Lock Replacement

Mk5 Heated Seats Retrofit

How to add AUX-in to an MDI kit

How to adjust your VW shifter cables

How to fit R32 or Gti Skirts to a Mk5

How to Install VW OEM R32 Rear Vented Brakes

How to Update RNS-510 Firmware

Manual Transmission Fluid Change

Mk5 Secrets !

MK5 Center Vent Gauge Pod Install Instructions

MK5 extras !

MK5 Golf service reset

MK5 GTI Tips & Tricks

MK5 Heated Seats Retrofit

MK5 remote starter

MK5 VW Golf GT TDI Pollen filter change

MK6 seats in a MK5

Modified engine cover

Porsche brakes on a MK5

R32 rear bumper cover installation on to a GTI

Relocating Your Battery to the boot

Replace GTI High Level Brake Light

Volkswagen to Audi key fob

The all new MK5 Golf Guide is pdf based and the menu is driven like a web page, Pages can be printed out if you so wish.

VW Software
The software will allow you to communicate to the car via your laptop & a OBDII cable,
Full information is in the download.
Some of the Software features are:

Module Version - ID of control module coding version
DTC Memory - read and clear diagnostic codes
Actual Values - full live data access
Activation - supported component activation
Code Module - code supported modules
Adaptation - read/reset service light parameters, view/change block learn values
Basic Settings - view and change control module defaults (Ex 1.8T and newer)
Individual Values - read individual measuring values
Readiness Code - check status of emission related systems
Remote Control Programming - program RF (radio frequency) keys
Key Matching - match keys to immobiliser control module (5 digit)
Engine Diagnostics
Read & Clear ABS Faults
Read & Clear Airbag fault Codes
Clear DTC (error) code, over 7500 DTC codes with description
Immobiliser / Alarm Systems
Reset Service lights
Automatic Transmission
Car Stereo System
Central Locking System

Included software (which you can also download free) does NOT come with a full version license. Hence while the software will still read significant data from your vehicle — some of it's more advanced features will be locked. And you can unlock them by registering the software.. however... well you'll just have to check download ;-) We don't have time to offer support on software but google is your friend.

Service manual has the following sections, However i've found it hard to navigate, It's all set out in sections in pdf format.
Its for mainly the BPY engine which is the USA version, but mostly you can get by as most things are similar.

- Description of work
- Maintenance. Part 1 (for Jetta, but same as Golf MK5)
- Maintenance. Part 2 (for Jetta, but same as Golf MK5)

ENGINES - general:
- Battery, Starter, Alternator - 1.9L TDI-PD engine, 2.5L gasoline engine, 2.0L TFSI engine

ENGINES - Volkswagen 1.4 TSI R4 engine with dual-charging:

ENGINES - Volkswagen 2.0T FSI R4 engine BPY: (BPY is the North American variant [with different emissions gubbins] of the European AAX or BWA variants)
- Technical data
- Engine, removing and installing
- Engine, disassembling and assembling
- Cylinder head
- Valve train
- Lubrication system components
- Cooling system components
- Cooling system components
- Fuel tank, Fuel supply system, EPC
- Turbocharger, Charge air system
- Fuel injection system Motronic MED 9.1
- Exhaust system components, removing and installing
- Ignition, servicing

ENGINES - Volkswagen 3.2 VR6 engine BJS - R32:
- Electrical Diagrams

- 02E 6-speed Direct-Shift Gearbox full service manual

- Front suspension, servicing
- Front axle, tightening torques
- Subframe, stabilizer bar, control arms
- Wheel bearing, assembly overview
- Suspension, assembly overview
- Drive axle, servicing

- Rear suspension, servicing
- Rear axle, tightening torques
- Subframe, transverse link, tie rod, assembly
- Wheel bearing housing, trailing link
- Shock absorber, coil spring
- Stabilizer bar, assembly overview

- Electrical/electronic components and installation locations, Malfunction displayed by warning lamps for level control system, Hydraulic unit, brake booster/brake master cylinder, ABS system components on front and rear axles removing and installing, ESP system components removing and installing
- Front brakes, servicing
- Rear wheel brakes, servicing
- Parking brake lever
- Brake pedal, assembly overview
- Front brake caliper servicing, Rear brake caliper servicing, Bleeding braking system, Brake booster/brake master cylinder assembly overview, Brake master cylinder removing and installing, Brake booster, removing and installing, Brake line repairs

- General repair notes
- Steering, torque specifications
- Steering column, assembly overview
- Electro-mechanical steering gear, assembly overview
- Steering gear difference (Generation I and II)
- Electromechanical steering gear, servicing (Generation I)
- Electro-mechanical steering gear, servicing (Generation II)

- Lock carrier (bonnet slam panel)
- Front wings
- Engine undertray
- Underbody trim
- Plenum chamber bulkhead
- Front hood (bonnet)
- Fuel filler flap unit
- Front door
- Central locking system
- Rear door
- Sunroof with glass panel (Meritor)
- Front bumper
- Front bumper (GTI)
- Rear bumper
- Flush bonded windows
- Front door window
- Rear door window
- Wheel arch liners
- Exterior rear view mirror
- Radiator grille
- Strips and trim
- Rear roof edge spoiler (tailgate)
- Interior rearview mirror, Storage compartments, covers and trim, Sill panel trim, Grab handles
- Seat belts, Seat belts, inspecting, Airbag, airbag module removing and installing, Crash sensors
- Instrument panel, Door trim, Pillar and side trim, Rear lid trim, Luggage compartment trim, Roof trim
- Front seats, Rear seats
- Front seat covers and padding, Cover and upholstery for rear seats

- Golf5 Relay and fuse arrangements, from October 2005
- GTI Relay and fuse arrangements, from October 2005
- GTI Component locations
- GTI Ground connection
- Instrument Cluster
- In Car Entertainment (Radios, Navigation system, Amplifier, CD Changer, iPod System, Speakers, Antennas, Multi-Function Steering Wheel, Mobile phone kit
- Front and Rear Wipers
- Exterior Lighting systems (all components, including High Intensity Gas Discharge (HID) Lamps, High-Mount Brake Light, Steering Column Switches, Ignition/Starter Switch and Lock Cylinder)
- Interior Lighting systems (all components), Horns, Anti-Theft Immobilizer, Anti-theft Alarm System
- Fuse Panel, Relay Panels, Electronics Boxes (E-Boxes), Control Modules, Wiring Harness and Connectors, repairing

Lastly is the parts manual for MK5's showing every part in exploded view with part numbers, great for viewing 'how things' go.

All your Guides and manuals will come in one download that has been zipped up using winrar, YOU WILL NEED TO UNZIP TO VIEW THE FILE.
►►► If you don't have unzipping software you can download below
►►► If you don't know how to use winrar see this youtube video

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