100 Strata 3D Tutorials

100 Strata 3D Tutorials

100 Strata 3D Tutorials!

100 Strata3D Step-by-Step Tutorials
766 pages PDF, with download links:
+1GB of Work-files/assets

Learn Strata3D at your own pace!

View this book on your computer or tablet!

This book is for anyone who starts working with, or want to explore Strata3D.

No boring, theoretic explanations here.
But tutorials that are split up in sections with clear and detailed explanations.
Each tutorial has a link to download all the work-files and assets needed for each tutorial.

Note: This book require Adobe Reader.
You can download the free Adobe Reader here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

DOWNLOAD a version with 5 FREE tutorials here: https://db.tt/qZS4rXSK
100 Strata 3D Tutorials
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