246 : Miss Black Mamba plays with the Vespa

Miss Black Mamba, wearing a black coat, black dress and high heels, is ready to travel around Turin with her old Vespa during this winter day.

She immediately tries to kickstart it with her beautiful red toenails and her heels, but it is very hard to start it! The Kickstarter is slippery thanks to the humid air, the heels are not so comfortable to kick with and she also doesn’t want to ruin her makeup by kicking it very hard!

The engine sputters sometimes, giving her the idea that it will start soon, but after kicking that pedal for 5 minutes she still hasn’t manage to start it! The more she kicks it, the more slippery the Kickstarter gets, and she is getting very angry at this vespa! She imagined to travel around Turin not worrying about anything, and she is now stranded on the side of the road still trying to start it! After countless kicks she finally manages to start it!

She is so happy that she immediately gets on it and start revving the engine! She is smiling because she now can finally ride around Turin with her Vespa! But maybe she has different plans with this engine… Hard revving plans!

She wants to punish the engine because of what it did before, so she revs it very hard! She wants to fill the whole road with the smoke coming out from the vespa, and she is still so angry at the engine that she wants to rev the little engine until it overheats! 

Will the engine survive this intense revving?
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