Child development

Moral Dilemma:

Kenny is walking to the store. It’s his mother’s birthday on Saturday. He’s feeling bad because he

hasn't been able to save up enough money to get her a present he’d like to give her. Then, on the

sidewalk, he finds a wallet with $10.00 in it…just what he needs to buy the present! But there’s an

identification card in the wallet telling the name and address of the owner.

Braxton, male age 10:

Follow Up Questions:

1.What should Kenny do? Take the money Why? So he can buy the gift.

2.What would be a good reason for Kenny to return the wallet? It would make him feel good. Can

you think of any other reasons? no.

3.Would it be stealing to keep the money? yes. Why is it wrong to steal? It does not belong to you.

4.What if the owner of the wallet was rich and greedy and wouldn't even give Kenny a reward for

returning it? Should he return the wallet then? No way because he does not need it.

Moral Dilemma:

Sharon and Jill were best friends. One day they went shopping together. Jill tried on a sweater and

then, to Sharon’s surprise, walked out of the store wearing the sweater under her coat. A moment

later, the store’s security officer stopped Sharon and demanded that she tell him the name of the

girl who walked out. He told the store owner he’d seen the two girls together and was sure the one

who left had been shoplifting. The storeowner said to Sharon, “Come on now, come clean. You

could get into serious trouble it you don’t give us your friend’s name.”

Joyce, 31, Female

Follow Up Questions:

1.Should Sharon tell Jill’s name to the security officers? Why? If I were Sharon, I feel that I am not

obligated to tell the officer anything. lf they were watching,

they should have caught up with her'

2.Would it make a difference if Jill had recently done a big favor for Sharon? I dont think it should


3.Would it make a difference if they were not good friends? NO!

4.What factors should Sharon consider in making her decision? I would not tell them the name, for

loyalty I guess'

5.Is shoplifting wrong? Why? What’s the most important reason why it is wrong?I think shoplifting is

wrong. Even though I choose not to tell on my "best friend"' it doesn't

mean l,m going to condone it. l would later on talk to Sharon about this and how what she did

Was wrong'Each time you get away with something like this,the more you think you can get

away with it. I would let her know the consequences and how I would really be disappointed if she

doesn't stop.

Comparison Moral Reasoning (Critical Thinking):

1.To what extent did the responses correspond with the stages postulated by Piaget, Kohlberg and

Gilligan? Respond to all three theories. Justify your choices based on your subjects’ responses and

your knowledge of the interviewees. Refer to the textbook and list reference pages in the body of

the paper.


2.How did the responses of the child and the adult differ in terms of maturity of moral judgments?

3.Are there any factors, (e.g. intelligence, education, breadth of experience, religious affiliation,

etc.), or patterns of behavior (e.g. honesty, altruism, or responsibility) other than age or gender that

might explain the differences in maturity or sophistication between the child and the adult

4.To what extent did the personality, cultural values, attitudes, or individual experiences appear to

affect each person’s moral reasoning ability?
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