HCS 440 Week 2 Health Care Reform Project: Part I

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HCS 440 Week 2 Health Care Reform
Project: Part I

Health Care Reform Project consists of three parts that you will complete in
Week Two, Three, and Five. Each part builds upon the last portion completed.

Select a
current health care economic issue, such as managed care, health care spending,
prescription drugs, the influence of current legislation on health care,
medical care for an aging population, or the influence of illegal immigrants on
health care economics in the United States.  Please select a narrow topic
and please make sure it is a health care issue.  For example, prescription
drugs by itself is not a health care problem.  You need to narrow the
topic to perhaps: drug shortages, the rising cost of prescription drugs, or
drug abuse.  

Write a
175 to 300-word summary describing the issue.

Perform a
literature search on the issue. Find at least three articles and summarize each
article in 175 to 300 words.

this paper should be between 700 and 1200 words.

Format your
response according to APA guidelines with an introduction, conclusion, and
reference page. 

Click the
Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. 
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