Stop Smoking The Complete Mind Therapy System with Harrizon

Stopping Smoking Just Got Easier with The Complete Mind Therapy System

Join Harrizon the Hypnotist on your journey to a healthier, smoke free life. Whether you smoke cigarettes, cigars, or have found yourself addicted to nicotine replacement products such as patches, gum or e-cigs, this professionally produced audio recording will help you become smoke free in less than 1 hour.

A personal appointment with Harrizon will cost you five times the cost of this audio recording, yet the results will be just as successful. Simply ensure there are no distractions, close the curtains / blinds and then make yourself comfortable, by either sitting in your favourite chair, or lying down on a bed. Then start playing the track and close your eyes. 

For best results, listen to this MP3 track once every two days for the first month, then as required to reinforce the subconcious messages. As always, only listen to this track when you are in a safe place, and never when driving, operating machinery, or at any time when loss of concentration would put you, or others, in danger.
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