Waking Up From the Codependent Mindset--What You Need to Know in Order to Get Real and Heal

Codependency is maddening.  Those of us who feel disconnected from the self, who do not yet know who we really are, and who have been abused in childhood through some form of neglect, abandonment, physical, or sexual trauma, have been conditioned to suppress what we think, feel, and need.

It is not your fault if you do not know how to connect to your feelings, or how to honor your needs.  If you are having trouble believing in your right to feel loved and worthy, that is because you do not have a program for feeling loved and worthy--YET.

The more you understand why you do not feel good enough--the more you will understand your drive to cater to and to fix others. 

It is time to awaken and learn how to CONNECT our authentic self.

If you can heal the dissonance in your heart, mind, body, and energy field, you can eventually create and manifest anything you desire. 

Breakthrough Life Coach
Lisa A. Romano www.lisaaromano.com