Classes and objects

Classes and objects

This project focuses on demonstrating your understanding of classes and objects.

Before attempting this project, be sure you have completed all of the reading assignments listed in the syllabus to date, participated in the weekly conferences, and thoroughly understand the examples throughout the chapters.   The project requirements include:


1. Design and implement a musical instrument class along with 4 subclasses using the following guidelines:

1. Create a class named MusicalInstrument and its four subclasses named Woodwind, Brass, String and Percussion.

2. The MusicalInstrument has a name, isPlaying, and isTuned data fields. It also has methods for setting and getting the values of each of the fields along with a method to display how the instrument is played. A constructor that sets the isTuned and isPlaying fields to false is also included in the MusicalInstrument class.

3. When you create your Woodwind, Brass, String and Percussion classes set the name and how to play the instrument as follows

Class Name Method to Play

Woodwind Woodwind Reeds

Brass Brass Mouth piece

String String Pluck and bow

Percussion Percussion Hit


1. Your app shoud include: a) a constructor that creates one instance of each instrument, b) methods for tuning your instruments, c) print the name of your instrument d) print how you play your instrument  

2. Your programs should compile and run without errors.

Submission requirements:

Your deliverable is a Java file which will create an instance of each instrument, and will include the methods (isPlaying and isTuned). Zip and submit your entire Java project file. Your zipped project file should be submitted to your LEO Project 1 assignment area no later than the due date listed in the syllabus. Your zipped project folder should be named
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