XCOM 285 Week 8 CheckPoint Privacy Laws and Policies Debate

The ‘best practices' in communication privacy policies at the workplace, as we've read, are ideally designed in order to maintain protection of a company's financial interests, as well as maintenance of privacy and control over any information deemed ‘proprietary' or particularly reserved for the use of the company and not to be shared with other individuals or corporations. Additionally communication policies are often structured so that management is protected from exposure to risks - this can be risks of legal suit, or risks of slander and libel, or risks of compromised ethics due to conflict of interest in shared information. The practices that have evolved in the 2lst century are complex and must include all types of communication from email, to phone, to printed documents, as well as video, multimedia, and hybrid types of communication such as devices that can store and share images or text on extended networks or remotely
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