XMGT 230 Week 1 Decision-Making Process Paper

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XMGT 230 Week 1 Decision-Making Process Paper

Resource: Ch. 3 of Management

Recall a difficult personal
decision you had to make in the past such as returning to school, changing
jobs, or moving to a new state. 

Write a minimum 200- to
300-word description in which you evaluate your personal decision-making
process. Include the following:

  • List the six
    stages of the decision making process described in our textbook.  Did
    you use a similar process when making your decision?

  • Were there
    any factors that prevented you from using a thorough process?  Which
    stages did you skip?

  • Looking
    back, what have you learned about your decision-making process? Would you
    have done something differently?

Use at least one academically accepted reference
such as the course textbook to support your points.  APA formatted in-text citation and reference required.  The formatted reference should be
added at the end of the CheckPoint.

Format your paper consistent
with APA guidelines in regards to spacing and font.  
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