Storyteller LOG LUT

My Storyteller LUT is a great way to get a beautiful starting point on your LOG footage.

LOG footage can be kind of difficult to grade, and this LUT will get you in a good, balanced starting point for most shots.

Be sure to load this LUT up in the creative tab if you're grading with Adobe Premiere, so that you can adjust the intensity of the LUT if you need to.

  • Inlcudes 1 cinematic LUT
  • This LUT can be used in any editing program that reads .CUBE files ( i.e. Adobe Premiere Pro CC, LumaFusion.)
  • Works within Resolve / Adobe CC / FCPX (with LUT Utility installed)
  • If you are using Final Cut, you will need a LUT installer. You can find a link to a free installer here: FINAL CUT LUT INSTALLER