092 : Miss Vicky cranking, revving, driving and stalling ... in the evening!

Miss Vicky is ready to go home after a meeting in a commercial center ... she wears a denim miniskirt and one of her favourite pair of boots, and ... this is her fight clip with the old Fiat Panda !

Hard cranking, hard revving an then, when it seems that the engine of the Panda is warm enough, she put the first gear and starts to drive with the open door .. while the car keeps on stalling and splutter!

This is the feedback that we received from the Customer who asked for this clip :

I download the clip safely and have watched it twice in a row!! WOW!! Amazing Sexy . I'm speechless........ I am very pleased with it. You look stunning in the outfit. I love every minute. From watching you crank, the lights dimming, you driving with the door open, and talking to the car. I enjoyed the PIP.

Your foot work was out standing. I'm glad I listened to the Italian side of me, and went with you at Pedal Vamp!

I though my dream might not come true but you made it happen. Other than my pedal pumping/car cranking fetish, I love when a women leaves there door open when starting her car, rather it starts the first try or several try's later. Also when she drives with the door open ( backing out of the driveway or driving down the road), it sets me off I love it!!

Your professionalism and personal response to all the email is greatly appreciated and made me feel that we connected.. a trait not found a lot anymore. I would definitely order another custom clip from you in the future.

Price : € 15,00
Playtime 17:05 - 500 MB
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