Brittany's Shag Haircut - Long to Short Hair - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Brittany has worn her hair extremely long for twelve years, but has decided that it was time for a change...something shorter to match her lifestyle and career. After an interview session and her putting her hair in an updo, she takes a seat in the barber chair, where she is covered with a black cape and a neck strip wrapped around her neck. Her hair is sectioned into four ponytails, two in the back are 30" and the two in the front are 32". Using the scissors, the ponytails are snipped off and the hair is trimmed, after being wet down, into an alluring shag. After few photos of Brittany at the salon for her trim and some after photos are also included in the video.

Duration approx. 58 minutes, screen size: 720x480, format .wmv
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