231 : Miss Iris in distress with her nephew and her R5

Miss Iris is with her nephew at a Mc Donalds around Turin. The movie starts with a close up view of her clogs while she dangles them and sip a coke.

They are late and have to go, but first her nephew (you) has to finish what he bought.

When you finished your lunch, you two get in the car and she is complaining about you being late. She could get home and change herself cause her pantyhose is half broken, but thanks to the fact that you were so slow now she is too late to even think about get at home and change!

As you are on the front passenger seat, you have an amazing view of her struggling with the car, because the Renault engine went on strike today! She tries again and again, while you are watching her...

She is getting really nervous and she just want the car to start and go, but the car is rebelling against you two...Or maybe you are liking what you are seeing?

Her feet pushing harder and harder on the gas pedal while the engine does not crank... Miss Iris desperate... Will the car start up?
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