ACC 202 week 2 Assignment 3

According to the article accounting is the problem it uses weak people as the target and basis for the call to action of full absorption standard costing, which is popular for a lot of deficiencies. Fixed conversion cost also known as unavoidable cost. This process confuses certain things like operational cost concepts both fixed and variable with decision cost both unavoidable and avoidable. Fixed cost ties in with management accounting which involves material costs as well. Lastly, claims for support of external reporting, Lean Accounting implies that it has the ability to transform original financial accounting.

The lean movement had some success and a lot of potential for providing very good benefits to those that choose to. Lean Accounting is not perfect and requires more work in the future. “ we must eliminate declarative statements that suggest that even exploring the integration of existing or evolving management accounting change initiatives isn’t in the spirit of lean because they are too complex (Anton van, d. M., & Thomson, J. (2007).”
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