CJS 211 Week 4 Ethical Scrapbook Part I

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CJS 211 Week 4 Ethical Scrapbook: Part I
Resources: University Library and the Internet.

Locate three contemporary examples in each of the four following categories, for a total of 12 examples:

Good Samaritan conduct or random acts of kindness
Acts of vigilantism--violating the law to enforce the law
Acts of civil disobedience--violating the law to change the law
Criminal acts committed by professionals in the course of their employment, other than criminal justice professionals, in which the defendant was believed to have violated the ethical standards of his or her profession
Assemble the 12 examples according to the category and in a visually appealing manner. For each example, include the following:

 A summary of the event
A graphic illustration, photo, or other visual item related to the event
One properly APA-formatted reference
Note. Consider including an introduction and conclusion to introduce your examples and summarize your work.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.
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