SCI 275 Week 2 Risk Assessment

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SCI 275 Week 2 Risk Assessment

Resource: Ch. 18 of Environmental Science.

Select one
case study, or example, from Ch. 18 of Environmental
that describes the impacts of a toxic substance on
human health.

Answer the
following questions based on the risk assessment principles presented in Ch.
18, and in Figure 18-10 of section 18.7 Risk and Risk Assessment.

Each response should be 1-3 sentences in length. Use two reputable sources and
your textbook to develop your answers. 

  • Describe one case study presented
    in Chapter 18. Explain how the toxic chemical(s) from your selected case
    study affects human health.

  • State the major source of this
    chemical(s) and its uses.

  • Review Figure 18-10 and discuss
    whether you think the risks of this chemical are acceptable. Explain your
    answer using two factors for determining acceptable risk that are
    presented in Figure 18-10. Use cited evidence to support your position?

  • Describe one limitation in risk
    assessment. Explain how you would resolve this limitation to improve the
    effectiveness of risk assessments. 

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