Managerial Accounting: E9-29 Sound Investments, Inc. is a large retailer of stereo equipment

Managerial Accounting

E9-29 Using budgets for Financial Planning
Sound Investments, Inc. is a large retailer of stereo equipment. The controller is about to prepare the budget for the first quarter of 20x2. Past experience has indicated that 75 percent of the store's sales are cash sales. The collection experience for the sales on account is as follows:
80 percent during month of sale
15 percent during month following sale
5 percent uncollectible
The total sales for December 20x1 are expected to be $190,000. The controller feels that sales in January 20x2 could range from $100,000 to $160,000.

1. Demonstrate how financial planning can be used to project cash receipts in January of 20x2 for three different levels of January sales. Use the following columnar format.
2. How could the controller of Sound Investments, Inc. use this financial planning approach to help in planning operations for January?
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