ENG 223 Week 2 Formal Messaging

ENG 223 Week 2 Formal Messaging

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 ENG 223 Week 2 Formal Messaging

Write a 1- to 2-page formal letter or memo in which you communicate a negative message. You may select from one of the following scenarios:




Tell your investors or employees about a recent decrease in your company’s stock value.


Inform all employees of a coming round of companywide layoffs at your place of business.


Communicate displeasure to a business or vendor for  work practices or product.


Inform a customer that you are unable to refund his or her money or accept a returned product.


Select another scenario of your choice, as approved IN ADVANCE by your instructor.


General Structure:




Letterhead for letter; formal format for memo (DATE, TO, FROM, SUBJECT)


Formal salutation


Introduction, with buffer and indication of what the memo will address.


Discussion, with complete details about the negative situation


Conclusion, with thanks expressed to recipients. Indicate whom to contact for more information.


Attach a title page in APA format; however, format your letter or memo as suggested in Ch. 10 of Workplace Writing. (Exception: Please double space for ease of review/comment.)

Adhere to rubric provided.

Post results of Write Point & Plagiarism Checker with assignment.

Submit assignment to Write Point. Post the results with assignment.

Save all assignment documents according to this convention:  Last name_first initial_title of assignment
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