ASMR Guided Meditation: Past Life Regression

Here is another Dauchsy Meditation Original. Not to be mistaken  with a previous life, this Past Life Regression  meditation/hypnosis delves into the past of your current life.  This guided meditation will help the listener in a number of ways. First of all, ASMR triggers have been added to help you  get into a deep relaxing state. In the guided meditation, you will be guided into past  experiences that have made a deep and meaningful  impact on your life. These experiences could be positive experiences or negative experiences. In this meditation, you will be able to look back at these experiences and see how they have effected your life. You may experience repressed memories, memories that you have been wanting to forget, and memories you never want to forget. There is no need to worry as these memories will come to you in a safe and relaxing manner. You will even welcome the tougher memories as they will represent healing and growth. I hope you enjoy this guided meditation! ASMR triggers include a crackling candle, Brushing the microphone, and brushing flowers and stems.
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