SOC313-Week 5 Discussion

      At this time in history the black community was constantly discriminated against and they had very little to call their own. One central place where many blacks came together was the church. Here they had a place of their own where they could practice under their own beliefs. Unfortunately, churches were typically small and had little influence on the community in terms of developing civil rights. The community realized they needed to form something bigger in order to take the next step towards equality. The SCLC was formed on the basis of bringing the churches together as one to show strength and unity among the black community. The collaboration of the churches and other civil leaders was able to accomplish more than the single churches alone because they now had support from their peers and followers. The South began to unite and made some serious progress in the civil rights movement. In my opinion, the resources were there all along; however, it took time and planning in order to bring them together properly, and this ultimately resulted in the success that the SCLC had.
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