ORANGE & TEAL - Lightroom Presets (Lite|Strong) | CASIMIR


i know that a lot of you guys are looking for a lightroom preset that gives your pictures a specific look. 

Orange & Teal is one of the most favorite Picture Styles out there at the moment. So i decided to create 2 slightly different O&T-Looks for you!
We now have way more than 200 downloads, but it decided to leave it as a FREE DOWNLOAD for YOU Guys. I hope you'll appreciate this.

This small Package includes:

- LL-ORANGE & TEAL Strong ... Lightroom Presets

Remember, you still have to play around with the settings (exposure/dynamics and so on) to get the best results. Every Picture is different, so this presets does not fit to every image style. Use it for pictures that includes green & blue parts or just feel free. 

I Hope You'll like it!

You can see some results here:


Cheers, Casimir
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