Twisted Body Parts

Welcome to the Twisted Body Parts PDF book. As you may have guessed by the name, this book covers some different ways to make bodies by sharing different techniques for body parts. There are several different ways to make heads and bodies, along with a few ideas for hands and feet. There are even instructions for my fancy hand (as frequently seen as the “hand in the box”) and two very popular character parodies. The first is Spiderman, a regular favorite among boys of all ages, and the second is a Ninja Turtle. The turtle is wearing a red mask, but you can easily change the color of the mask to change the identity of the turtle. If you don’t know which color goes with with which turtle, either Google it, or just ask the nearest young boy, they’ll know. I’ve included a picture with the turtle holding a pair of sais, but didn’t include directions for them. Like the color of the mask, the weapon choice will also change with the identity of the turtle, so again, either Google, or ask the nearest young boy.

These designs use a variety of balloons, so make sure you have your full arsenal ready when you get started. You will use 160s, 260s, 360s, 5 inch rounds, and even an 11 inch round for one of the head designs. Get ready to have some fun, so get out your balloons, markers and inflation device and let’s get started.
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