Retail Calculator

A retailer would like a calculator to indicate sale prices when he marks
items down at various percentages.

Design, implement, test, and debug a GUI application that allows the
retailer to enter the item’s name, the item’s original price, and the
percentage discounted.

The application should include a Calculate button that,when pressed,
computes and displays the sale price in a label or text field.

The program should allow the retailer to enter any number of items in this
Include an Exit button to end the execution of the application.
The program should allow the user to select a department from a menu.
You may create the menu as a true menu, a JComboBox, or radio buttons.
Create your own list to populate the menu: men’s clothing, women’s clothing,
house wares, and so forth.
Include at least five departments.
Create a JTextArea or a JTable to display each of the following for each
item entered.

Item name
Original price
Sale price
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