CJA 364 Entire Course All DQs

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CJA 364 Entire Course All DQs

Week 1 DQ #1

What is due
process? How does due process affect crime control models of the criminal
justice system? How can you improve the relationship between due process, crime
control models, and their influence on the Fourteenth Amendment? Explain.


Week 1 DQ #2

Define the Fourth
Amendment. How does the Fourth Amendment apply within the criminal justice
system under the constructs of the U.S. Constitution? How can you improve the
ways in which Fourth Amendment rights are upheld? Explain


Week 2 DQ # 1

Provide an example
of the exclusionary rule. What distinctions can be made between the
exclusionary rule and alternative remedies? What recommendations would you
suggest regarding alternative remedies to the exclusionary rule? Should the
exclusionary rule be abolished? Why or why not?


Week 2 DQ #2

What is the
exclusionary rule? What are the exceptions of the rule? How does the exclusionary
rule apply to criminal procedure within the criminal justice system? Describe
the criteria, including the rationale, on which the exclusionary rule was


Week 3 DQ #1

What is
stop-and-frisk? How does stop-and-frisk apply to search, seizure, and arrests
in the criminal justice system? Is there a better solution for how
stop-and-frisk measures are conducted? Explain.


Week 3 DQ #2

What are border
and regulatory searches? What role do border and regulatory searches play in
the criminal justice system in relation to the concept of reasonableness? How
can you make border and regulatory searches more effective?


Week 4 DQ #1

What is right to
counsel? Explain when the right to counsel attaches, and when it does not
apply. How has the right to counsel influenced the criminal justice system?
What changes to right to counsel would you suggest? Why?


Week 4 DQ #2

Do you agree with
the Gideon v. Wainwright decision where the Supreme Court held that criminal
defendants accused of felony charges are entitled to an appointed attorney if
they cannot afford to hire one? Explain your position.

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