Over 700 Mega Mania Files Pack

Some Files Are Re Sell Rights Given to me By IceDevil,GeoTron,Meralon,GingerEve,GlamorousBeauty,MaDCheRys,LadyAlondra
,SweetCryssy,IIxSHAExII, also files made by myself in full, as well as by DiamondDoll666.
 You MUST MUST MESSAGE your AVATAR name you are using these files on ,as everything in here has been accounted for and I will search emails and DMCA EVERYONE AND ANYONE that DOESNT  MESSAGE me their avi name :) All these files and meshes CAN be used on 1 Alt account BUT ONLY IF YOU MESSAGE ME YOUR MAIN THAT YOU PURCHASED FOR and please tell me your alt accs name so again safety from a DMCA. Edit any and all if you like, I also left many PSD files for your enjoyment :) Most meshes are chkn. format , but there are some that are XMF. and XSF.  If you need any help with anything from whats inside this wonderful pack, please message me here or IMVU. Enjoy :)
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