Ebook Procrastination Killer - How To Get Things Done Fast

Procrastination Killer - How To Get Things Done Fast. An interesting theme that will help you better understand how to manage your life and avoid the pitfalls we set for ourselves. An Ebook that aims to help you walk the path of fulfillment, and happiness.

This Ebook "Procrastination Killer - How To Get Things Done Fast". 
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Introduction 4

Chapter 1: The Science Behind Procrastination 7
The Brain of a Procrastinator 8
Why Do We Procrastinate? 10
The “Fight-or-Flight” Response 14

Chapter 2: How Procrastination Can Destroy Your Life 17
The “Escape” Mechanism of The Brain 17
The 4 Reasons Procrastination Can Be Devastating To A Person’s Life 18
1. It Causes Him To Mismanage His Time 18
2. You Can Miss Certain Opportunities In Your Life 20
3. It Ruins Your Goals And Opportunities 23
4. It Will Cause You To Have A Lower Self-Esteem 25

Chapter 3: Manage Your Time, Manage Your Life 28
3 Steps To Stopping Procrastination 30
6 Signs Of A Chronic Procrastinator 31
Procrastination Killer Tips For Chronic Procrastinators 40

Chapter 4: How Highly Successful Individuals Overcome Procrastination 44
What Makes Them Exceptional? 45
1. Mike Vardy 46
2. Darren Rowse 47
3. Erik Fisher 49
4. Tony Stubblebine 51

Chapter 5: Good Vs. Bad Procrastination 54
Leveraging Procrastination – How Procrastination Can Help You Get
Things Done FAST 55
Bad Procrastination 62

Chapter 6: Don’t Be Afraid to Say NO! 66
Be Bold – Say ‘No’ To Worthless Activities 69
The Death of a “YES-man” 69
Be Honest To Yourself 71

Conclusion 73

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EXTRA BONUS: Special Report: 5 Signs That You´re A Chronic Procrastinator

This Ebook "Procrastination Killer - How To Get Things Done Fast". File Ebook (PDF).

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