assignment 9 rainfall python

#This program lets the user enter the total rainfall for each of 12 months into an array(list).

#The program calculates and displays the total rainfall for the year and the average monthly rainfall.


totalRainfall = 0

numMonths = 12

averageRainfall = 0


def main():



    def enterRain ():

    # Create a list that holds each month's rainfall

rainFall = [0] * numMonths


    # Create variable to use as accumulator

rainFall = 0


    # Get each month's rainfall from the user

    for index in range (numMonths):

        print ('Enter the rainfall for Month ', \

               index +1, ':', sep='', end='')

rainFall[index] = float(input())


    def rainStats (enterRain):


    # Calculate the total of the list elements

        for num in rainFall:

totalRainfall += num


    # Calculate the average rainfall for all the months

averageRainfall = totalRainfall / numMonths


    # Return the values

    return averageRainfall

    return totalRainfall


     # Return the total rainfall and the average for the months
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