My Favorite Place

I have not traveled as much as I would like to, but the places I have been all have great things to offer. To find my favorite location I do not have to travel far, I just drive down the street, make a left and I am back at my mother’s house. Growing up I remember all the good times and bad time that I shared there with my family. You may think that my favorite place at my mom’s is my old bedroom, but it is not. My favorite location is the family room in my childhood home.

Every time I step into the family room I remember all of the time that is spent there with my family. I have one sister and two brothers of which I am the oldest. My fondest memories are of the times when we were all together. My mom let us know every day how important it was for us to stick together, so there were many times that we would have game nights in the family room. My mother’s house still to this day is a staple for family gatherings. The intensity of the noise traveling from the family room throughout the entire house on Texans game days is crazy and hectic, but that is one of the things that I love about
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