Globalisation Revision Notes and Mind Maps

Globalisation Revision Notes and Mind Maps

This zip file contains....

Nine pages of summary notes covering the following aspects of globalisation:

- Basic definitions and an overview of cultural, economic and political globalisation
- Three theories of globalisation - hyper-globalism, pessimism and transformationalism. 
- Arguments for and against the view that globalisation is resulting in the decline of the nation state. 
- A-Z glossary covering key concepts and key thinkers. 

Five mind-maps covering the following:

- Cultural, economic, and political globalisation: a summary
- The hyper-globalist view of globalisation
- The pessimist view of globalisation 
- The transformationalist/ postmodernist view of globalisation. 
- The relationship between globalisation and education.

These revision resources have been designed to cover the globalisation part of the global development module for A-level sociology (AQA) but they should be useful for all students given that you need to know about globalistion for education, the family and crime, so these should serve as good context. 

They might also be useful to students studying other A-level or first year degree subjects such as politics, history, economics or business, where globalisation is on the syllabus.
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