Diane Coyle

Diane Coyle: The Economics of Enough: How to Run the Economy as if the Future Matters
Provide a concise discussion of the strengths and weakness of three key arguments in the book. Your discussion for each argument should be analytical rather than descriptive. Avoid lengthy quotes (do not include quotes over one line).
Please submit your critique (using the template and guidelines on the following page):
• 150 points total
• Length: 50 words max. for the summary of the key argument; 250 words max. for each argument; provide a word count for each section; (300 words total for each essay); We will not penalize you, if your word count is slightly longer, however you should attempt to remain within the maximum.
• Double space
• 12 point
• One-inch margins
• Word document
• Submit to Oliver ([email protected]) AND Rectanus ([email protected]) as a Word attachment. (No pdf files please.) Do not submit on Blackboard.
Please use the following template for all responses!
Argument I (50 points)
A. Briefly summarize a key argument in the book regarding an assumption of globalization that the authors address. Provide page number(s) or section/chapter numbers (for e-books) in parentheses to indicate where the argument is made in the book (50 words max.):
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