Moho Adventure Pack

This pack includes 6 M1 characters, 2 backgrounds and the LipSync script

M1 characters are designed and rigged specifically for Anime Studio and Moho. The adventure characters are created by Mitchel Soltys, the creator of the M1 specification.

Designed for animation

The M1 specification is designed to be very easy to animate and highly expressive. All M1 characters have the following features:
They use a common powerful bone layer so they're easy to animate, they share the same behavior and it's easy to share actions.

They use smart bone controls for expressions, stretch and squash of the head, head turns, body turns, and hands.
Smart bone controls are properly anchored to character.
Color coded bones make animation easier.
Target bones are used for feet.
Actions allow easy creation of standard emotions including normal, happy, sad, surprised, worried, curious, irritated, angry and blink
Styles are used for all coloring making it easy to change colors of the characters.
Mouths use standard switch layers making lip sync easy. Plus extra mouth positions are used to express emotion.
Since the characters were designed specifically for Anime Studio and Moho, you can easily customize them.

These characters are fully compatible with Anime Studio 11 and Moho 12.

Anime Studio 10
Anime Studio 10 versions are included in the pack, but the characters use bone flipping for the head and body turns, which was not available in Anime Studio 10. The rigs will work with Anime Studio 10, but animators will need to use the older techniques of layer flipping to animate head and body turns.
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