LG Sisters Get Strong Bundle

*Bundle includes both the LG Sisters Get Strong + Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plans (+membership) - all plans are in 1 file, scroll to see all

LG Sisters Get Strong Plan:

Fitness Plan: 5 week home + gym versions both included

Minimum Equipment Required: dumbbells, kettlebell, resistance band, bench/chair

Effective Training Method: simultaneously strengthen (weights) + sculpt muscle definition (integrated cardio)

Video Library: training tips, form demonstration, lifestyle content + more
Lifestyle Section: interactive, printable system for results in all areas of your life

Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan:

Easy to follow nutrition guidelines (learn what to eat, how much, and when)

Science-based nutrition approach to see physical results through food alone

100+ nutritious & delicious recipes

Membership (receive all future nutrition installments for free… nutrition kick start + meal prep plans already included)

*Plans available for instant download on page after checkout (click "return to sellfy" for your download)

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