AED201 effecting change in schools

I would like to address the technology issue that I have in my classroom. For one we have five computers in our classroom but only one of them currently has an internet connection. Also the computers are outdated and five years old. Many of our school books and curriculum have internet links to go with the curriculum to act as helping aides to the work that the students do in class. I have addressed this issue with my fellow co-workers, and also the students and their parents, and they all agree that all the computers in the classroom should be updated and that they should all have internet access so this way more students can use the computer for class than only having one computer with internet access. What we would have to do to increase internet access and to get the computers upgraded is to first make sure that all the computers can be wired for the internet in the classroom which may need someone to come out and run more wires for the computers. We would have to go through the local school board, the most important thing they do is that they are in charge of raising money through taxes and then disbursing the funds through the school districts. Also the district office would be involved because they are in charge of ordering materials and such for the schools. Also the students’ parents could be a good asset because they can help raise funds with bake sales and any other fundraising activities to help raise money for their children’s classro
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